Welcome to VigZero

We are a peer to peer social gambling sports betting community designed to add more entertainment to traditional sports wagering without the 10% sportsbook fee. We are also allowing a chance for our members to own a piece of the company by being one of the top 15 members who invites the most friends, who join and are active members.
Features and Benefits
  • As our name suggests, wagers have no commission or 'vigorish' i.e. 'vig.'
  • Simple to use, not intimidating, low minimums and bet tracking of favorite teams for the novice or casual sports fan.
  • Peer to Peer - pay each other directly
  • Create bets with the spread you want, set to the current line, or shop existing offers for the best value.
  • A 'Betcentric' almost real-time scoreboard lets you know how your wager is going.
  • Establish your own VigZero private group. Invite friends and make exclusive bets within your crew.
  • All members are rated based on their promptness in settling their wagers.
  • Get your money sooner! No credit card or illegal offshore accounts needed. No need to deal in digital currency. No trips to the casino to cash in your betting slip.